Why seal your granite project?

Wherever you plan to install granite in your home or office, the truth is that it is an investment and, like any other investment, you will want to protect it.

Natural stones are typically porous and granite is no exception. To avoid staining as a result of oils, water, and other liquids, we recommend applying a sealant at least once every five years depending on the porous nature of the granite you have. When properly sealed, such liquids will bead on the surface of your granite whereas if unsealed these would seep into the pores of the stone and eventually cause staining. 

In addition to stain prevention, sealing your granite is also a deterrent against etching. Etching occurs when acid makes contact with the granite and lingers long enough to dissolve some of the minerals in the stone leading to discolouration, roughness in surface texture, and in some cases may cause a slight depression from dissolving the stone itself.  


Benefits of sealing your granite


Integrity Stone uses Stain-Proof sealants and cleaners. We believe the technology that goes into these products has proven to enhance and protect what we feel is an important investment in your property be it your residence, commercial property, or other space.


What makes Stain-Proof sealer different?

Molecules! Compared to the competition, Stain-Proof’s sealer molecules are hundreds (yes hundreds!) of times smaller. This allows the sealer to penetrate deeper into the structure of the pore of even the densest of natural stone.

Once inside, chemical reactions cause the sealer to form a permanent bond resulting in a deep-oil and water repellent barrier. The types of damage that can befall granite vary and go beyond simple spills of oils and liquids and this is the number one reason to choose Stain-Proof over other sealers as it provides this deeper, superior barrier, even for granite applications that are exposed to the elements outside. In fact, even high-pressure washing is no match to the barrier Stain-Proof provides.

Integrity Stone is a Stain-Proof Accredited Applicator and using us to apply your sealant qualifies your project for a written 5, 15, 25, and 30-year performance warranty.